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AI Internet Solutions LLC is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in the state of Texas in the United States.

You can also contact us online.

You can reach us by telephone at 940-295-4720.

Our DUNS number is 069709298.

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About AI Internet Solutions LLC

AI Internet Solutions LLC was established by Albert Wiersch in 1997 to develop and market CSE HTML Validator, an award-winning, popular and powerful HTML, XHTML, CSS, SEO, link, spelling and accessibility checker for Windows that helps webmasters, businesses, Internet professionals, educators, and students produce quality web documents. Since 1997, AI Internet Solutions has remained a customer focused business with great customer service and great products such as CSE HTML Validator in multiple editions.

Today, AI Internet Solutions continues to support and improve CSE HTML Validator. We also develop and offer a lite edition that is free to use but that is less powerful. This edition is aimed at nonprofessional HTML developers or those who do not need or cannot afford the additional benefits of the standard, professional, or enterprise editions. We also have an online HTML validator at

AI Internet Solutions continues to actively develop and market CSE HTML Validator so that it stays up-to-date and continues to be an exceptional HTML, XHTML, CSS, SEO, link, spelling, and accessibility checker for the Windows platform. For example, recent versions continually offer improved HTML5 and CSS3 support as those standards continue to evolve.

Because CSE HTML Validator is also extremely useful and helpful to people learning HTML and/or XHTML, AI Internet Solutions plans to continue to penetrate the educational market by offering special offers and discounts to educational institutions and students. Finally, AI Internet Solutions plans to help make the web development community aware of CSE HTML Validator and the importance and benefits of properly constructed and accessible HTML.

Thank you,
Albert Wiersch