Spell Checking Options (Editor)        

Live Spelling - As you type, underline misspelled words with a red squiggly line. This option is enabled by default.

Enable auto-correct during editor spell check - Check to enable automatic auto-corrections (without any prompt or notice) when doing an spell check in the editor. For example, if this option is checked then "teh" will be auto-corrected to "the" when a spell check is performed in the editor (and no prompt or message will be displayed that this correction was made). This option is not enabled by default. (New v18.0123)

Note that this option works by temporarily removing the autocorrect.adu dictionary when doing a spell check if this option is not checked.

Versions prior to 18.0123, which did not have this option, acted as though this option was checked.

Validator Spelling Options - Press this button to go to the Spell Checking Page in the Validator Engine Options. The options on that page affect the misspelled words and repeated words validator messages but do not affect live spelling.

More Spelling Options - Press this button to see more spelling options, including language and custom dictionary options.

NOTE: See the Spell Checking Page in the Validator Engine Options for spell checking options that affect the spell checking messages that are generated during a validation.