StartUp Options

Show splash/status window - Check this box to show the splash window when starting CSS HTML Validator. Disabling this window may result in slightly faster startups.This option is enabled by default. (New v10.00)

Show startup tips - Check this box to display startup tips at startup. This option is enabled by default. (New v11.00)

If an instance is already running at startup then ask to run a separate instance - Check this box to display a message asking to run another instance of CSS HTML Validator if an instance of the editor is already running when another instance is started. Running multiple instances is not recommended due to potential conflicts among running instances. This option is enabled by default.

Reopen documents that were open at the last shutdown - Check this box to save a list of open documents when you close HTML Validator. The next time you run HTML Validator, HTML Validator accesses this list and automatically reloads the documents in the list so that you can start working where you left off. This option is enabled by default.

Load scratch pads at startup (and save them at shutdown) - Check this box to automatically load the scratch pads at startup and save them at shutdown. By default, the scratch pads are stored in files named "scratchpad1.txt" and "scratchpad2.txt" and placed in a folder like C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\AI Internet Solutions\CSE HTML Validator\19.0. If this box is not checked, then the scratch pads will not be loaded from disk and will be blank at startup. You can still use them if this option is not checked, but anything left in the scratch pads will not be saved at shutdown unless this option is checked. There will be no warning that you are losing data by not saving the scratch pads at shutdown. This option is enabled by default.

StartUp Tips

Virus scanners may slow down the startup of CSS HTML Validator. To increase startup speed, consider configuring any virus scanners to exclude the CSS HTML Validator installation folder or make it a "trusted application". If excluding folders, then always be aware of the security implications.