This page lets you view the message ID configuration.

The message ID feature lets you disable validator messages based on unique message IDs, as well as change a message's type. Disabling a message or changing a message's type using a message ID creates or updates the message ID configuration which is seen here. If no message has been disabled and no message type has been changed with a message ID, then this page will be blank (no rows will be shown).

Note that the only edits available here are to check or uncheck the 'Disable message' option and to delete entire rows. New rows will be added when additional validator messages are disabled (or their message type changed) using the message ID feature.

See also: Disabling Validator Messages, Changing a Message's Type


Message ID - The message ID number that the row applies to.

Disable - The value of the "disable" attribute. Shows "true" if the value is true or "false" if the value is false or the "disable" attribute is not used in the message ID config file.

Msg Type - The value of the "msgtype" attribute which can be used to override the default message type (like error or warning). Shows "default" if the "msgtype" attribute is not used in the message ID config file.

Example Message - If available, shows an example message for the message ID.


Delete Selected Row - Press this button to delete the selected row. This is the same as pressing the Del key after selecting a row.

Disable message - Check this box to disable the message with the selected message ID or uncheck this box to enable it. If disabled then the message will not be shown in the validation results.

Reset Message ID Config - Press this button to return the message ID configuration to the default. This deletes all message ID configuration information.