The Open Documents window lists all the open documents along with the syntax parser that is used for each document. If you select (i.e. click on) a document in the list then the editor switches to that document for editing. You can sort the list by clicking on a column header.

To view or hide the Open Documents window, select View->Windows->Open Documents.

Like other dockable windows, this window can be repositioned and docked in certain areas of the main window or can be dragged completely out of the main window.

The Results column shows one of the following for each document:

The number of validation errors and warnings that were generated the last time the document was validated. The format is XXe,YYw where XX is the number of errors (up to 99) and YY is the number of warnings (up to 99). To populate this column you can right-click in the Open Documents window and choose Validate All. Remember that you can sort by this column by clicking on the Results column header.

The number of replacements made for each document after doing a Search->Replace in All Open Documents. The Results column will show the number of replacements until the document is validated again. You can sort this column by clicking on the Results column header in order to sort by the number of replacements made. (New v19.00)