This is where you can change the advanced options that are specific to a particular Batch Wizard target list. Changing options here will affect only the currently active (open) target list and will not affect any other target lists.

Advanced Options

Disable link media type checking - Check this option to disable media type checking for link reports. It is not recommended that this option be checked to disable link media type checking but in some cases it may be beneficial in order to reduce the size of link reports so that it's easier to concentrate repair efforts on other issues that are considered to be more important. This option is not enabled by default. (New v15.0112)
WARNING: In some cases disabling this feature can unexpectedly result in missing serious errors. For example, when an image is requested from a server but the server responds with an HTML document that the image doesn't exist but doesn't use the proper 404 HTTP status code. In this case the missing resource will not be detected (because the server did not return the proper 404 status code) and because media type checking is disabled (a media type error or warning would otherwise have been generated for the image because the server returned an HTML document instead of an actual image).

Ignore query strings when following links - Check this option to ignore the query part (the variables after '?') of links that are being followed. This prevents the same URL (minus the query string) from being checked multiple times because only the query part of the URL is different. If the query string of a URL can result in significantly different HTML and/or CSS being generated then you may want to uncheck this option. This option is enabled by default. (New v17.0321)