The Batch Wizard is a powerful tool that helps you quickly validate multiple documents (or use a tool on them) and view the results in a single or multi-page report.

The Batch Wizard can follow links and, if desired, can also check the links of a website without validating the individual documents (by doing only a link check). Also, Batch Wizard jobs can be run from the command line.

See also the Using the Batch Wizard and Batch Wizard Tips topics.

NOTE: The standard edition does not include the Batch Wizard, and the professional trial edition may be limited (depending on the tool being used) to checking a small number of documents so that the limited number of trial validations are not quickly used up. To fully use the Batch Wizard without trial limitations, a licensed version is required.


Batch Wizard Tool

To get started, add the targets (such as files, folders, and/or URLs) that you want to process to a new or existing Batch Wizard target list. They will appear in the Target List Tab.


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