Limit to Age (folder targets only)

Limit to documents modified within this number of days (0 for no limit) - If this option is available for the target, then a number of days can be set to limit the age of the checked targets. Documents with a last write time less  then or equal to the number of days specified here will be checked (assuming other checks are passed) while documents with a last write time of more will not. This can be a floating point number. For example, use .01 for about 15 minutes, .021 for 30 minutes, .042 for 1 hour, .083 for 2 hours, .167 for 4 hours, .333 for 8 hours, .5 for 12 hours, or 1.5 for one and a half days (36 hours). This is useful for only checking recently modified documents. To not limit by days, use 0. The default is 0. (New v9.00)