Accessibility with Window-Eyes and JAWS

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Accessibility with Window-Eyes and JAWS

Post by Albert Wiersch » Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:58 am

A customer wanted to share this information about getting CSE HTML Validator to work better with Window-Eyes and JAWS:

Problem: Selected text while editing is not spoken and/or text other than selected text is spoken.


1. Open CSE HV and type some text;
2. Press control+backslash to bring up windoweyes
3. Create set file to be associated with CSEHV
4. Define 'set highlight' hot key in windoweyes to be able to define foreground color and background color to be tracked.
5. Set track highlight from 'auto' to 'on' in windoweyes to read only custom highlight.
6. Save CSE set file;
7. Go to CSE & select some text in CSE;
8. Move mouse over highlighted text;
9. Press windoweyes hot key for 'set highlight color' you defined above.
10. Save CSE set file in Windoweyes again.

1. Open CSE HV and type some text;
2. select some text you typed in CSE;
3. Activate the 'Jaws cursor' [numeric keypad '-']
4. Move Jaws cursor (mouse) over selected (highlighted) text;
5. Press JawsKey + control + H [normally insertKey + control + h]
6. A series of Various dialogs will appear;
7.Select Track 'foreground and background colors'
your default combo colors in Jaws was white on skyBlue4 [visually it is navy]
If the user sees Dark blue on white or any color on white, these values need to be deleted as they will read the unwanted unselected text- only one combo needs to be there, the colors of the selected area.
8. select highlight to track both custom and windows highlight.
9. press o.k. and you are good.
Albert Wiersch

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