If CSE HTML Validator won't start

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If CSE HTML Validator won't start

Post by Albert Wiersch » Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:50 am

Unfortunately this problem seems to be increasing by what I would say are overreacting security programs. These programs may block CSE HTML Validator from started and not even display a message about it. Programs that have been known to cause this problem are F-Secure and Zone Alarm.

In F-Secure, an exclusion can be set. Please do the follow (thanks to Michael Burger):

1. Open the F-Secure Security Suite Application
2. At the splash screen, choose "Settings" - it's a wrench/screwdriver icon at the bottom center of the window
3. In the settings window, click "Computer" to display the options (Virus and Spyware Scanning, DeepGuard, Scheduled, Scanning, Manual Scanning)
4. Choose "Virus and Spyware Scanning"
5. At the bottom of the right-hand window, click the "Open excluded items list" hotlink.
6. In the "Exclude from Scanning" window, select the "Objects" tab.
7. Check the "Exclude Objects (files, folders, etc.)" checkbox
8. Click "Add..." button and navigate to the "CSE Validator application, e.g., ("cse90.exe")
9. Highlight the application and click "OK".
10. Click "OK" in each of the remaining two configuration windows to confirm
11. Close F-Secure.
12. CSE HTML Validator should now work.

Here is a thread mentioning Zone Alarm:
http://htmlvalidator.com/CSEForum/viewt ... ?f=1&t=587
Albert Wiersch

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