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reload all prompts

Post by roedygr » Tue Feb 02, 2010 7:22 am

I use reload all like this. I am editing away and notice that an error is appearing over and over in many documents.
I do a Save All.
I then use Funduc Search Replace to search and replace some regex to patch the problem.
I might then to a batch tidy.
I might reexpand macros/includes.
I might run a process that reformats to highlight the elements of current interest.
The net effect is most documents change a little.

I then click reload all to get the changed documents.

Here is where the editor becomes brain damaged. It warns me a about each document changed (Of course it changed you stupid editor, why do you think I am reloading all of them?!!) and makes me override each document manually, even when there are hundreds of them.

It should not be warning me, and it should not be asking for confirmation, other than one for all files at the start. If it must prompt for each invidividual file, at least give me a yes to all option.

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