Upgrade question (topstyle 3.11 to new)

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Upgrade question (topstyle 3.11 to new)

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New to the boards and I come with a question!

I purchased TopStyle awhile back (probably one of the earliest version, and last update was to 3.11). I used it all the time (and have to say I loved it), mostly building small personal sites and doing work for charities.

Long story short, I changed course and stopped doing much online, but have returned and been asked to customize and maintain a site for a local charity.

The wrinkle is that in the last couple of weeks my old computer died, and I am now on a shiny new laptop - with no TopStyle Pro.

Is it possible for me to buy the upgraded version without having an earlier one on this machine? I've checked my email and all I have is originator Nick Bradbury's email to me directing to me to an upgrade download from when TopStyle was on bradsoft.com - any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks again!


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Re: Upgrade question (topstyle 3.11 to new)

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Hi Gaile,

Please contact me off-forum: support AT topstyle4 DOT com



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