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css debug

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1) is there a way to text css selector to see on with element ( content or structure ) the selector ll be apply against a specific html page .
Xselerator ( not maintain dissepear ? but better than wellknown software that spend money more add than real usefull functionnalities ) was a outstanding tool very usefull to understand xpath and create xsl fo stylesheet for xml.
Since topstyle is focus on css and not on preprocessor . Does this fonctionnalities should appear ? chrome as $$(selector) but too many tool/windows to use ...........

2) does the windows preview could focus on a specific area ? when i use joomla , i set a postion for a module ( could be a breadcrumb or vertical menu) i have to use the scroll bar ( horizontal to fit the menu item) . if modify css for this menu it seem that topstyle reload the page without set the scroll bar that fit the menu .

3) i like the zoom bar in opera ,because it let us view how whole page change when use custom image or attribute that change the whole html page . in a way i ll hope that preview windows ( only not style checker message tidy items) could be independant of topstyle main window since many tablet could be use as a second screen . with zoom we don't need sometime to use vertical scroll bar .

4) is it possible to view wich media query css file is use when resize the preview windows ?

5) in a css editor , developper need to have one side the preview and in another place the css editor file. I don't think that the full preview is something interesting ( for me) .

I use two screen and the full preview mode and preview stick to bottom of topstyle don't help to use the editor and see the preview space area wich is limited inside a same screen .

6) a wonderfull tool ll be a tool that help us to go (open file ,locate the attribute ) from a html file ( local or http).
perhaps like chrome or firefox tool do .

7) i like the way each css editor show attributes information .
"topstyle" use animation ,,aural , box classification,color and background, color , background,columns ,font , generate, page,tables,text , visual, mozilla extensions , webkkit extensions.
"bluegriffon" use for each selector "group=themes" that have many options . options are by default activate depend of the name of selector :general, couleurs, Geometrie, position organisation, cadre, ombres, liste transformation, flexibilite, colonne,tableaux,extra
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