synching left and right panels

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synching left and right panels

Post by roedygr »

I have my code on the left panel and the Inspector on the right.

Consider some of the following problems.
  • I am working on font specification on the left. I wonder to myself, what are the alternative units of measure? How to I find font-size entry in the Inspector? Usually I scan for it. It takes several minutes. It is faster to look it up on Google. It makes no sense to call it the inspector when it does not let you inspect your code.

    I want to suppress word wrap. I can't remember how to code it. white-space: nowrap; I don't remember either the left or right string and which has dashes, however I know it must have the string "wrap" in there somewhere.
There should by some very fast way of getting to the appropriate inspector entry:

Method 1
a) show me the inspector with all lines currently blank removed.
b) I can then quickly find what I want and click expand to see the related entries.
c) I can even type some gibberish e.g. font-size: gobbledegook on the left and I can get to the entry knowing nothing of its syntax.

Method 2.
I right click+ inspector on anything in my style sheet and it takes me to the corresponding spot in the inspector.

Method 3.
In the inspector is a search function that works the same way as in the left panel.

Method 4.
Context sensitive help everywhere that takes you to your best guess at the W3 Schools site when you right click something + help

Method 5.
The inspector lazily scrolls after several second delay to match whatever it is you are editing or have most recently clicked on the left.

Method 6.
Sort the inspector fields so that the most commonly used things are displayed and the esoterica are by default hidden.

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