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turning off spell check

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:49 pm
by roedygr
I have sections of text that the spell checker trips on every time I spell check.

They contain such things as:

1. sentences in foreign languages. I don't want to add those words as legit in English text.

2. fragments of complete words that contain entities such as é or ’

3. sic -- precisely quoted idiocy from people whose spelling I want to ridicule.

I must waste an hour a day skipping over these damn things.

I would like some mechanism to turn the spell checker off for a span of text.

Some of the indicators I use for my own purposes are <span class="sic"> <span lang="de">

Perhaps you could turn off spell check for any text so marked. Perhaps something analogous to CSEIGNORE. Perhaps making CSEIGNORE turn off spell checking too.