CSE HTML Validator Pro v7.00 BETA 4 Available

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CSE HTML Validator Pro v7.00 BETA 4 Available

Post by Albert Wiersch » Thu Apr 21, 2005 1:31 pm

CSE HTML Validator Pro v7.00 BETA 4 is now available to licensed v7.0x professional users. Please download it and provide feedback to help improve it before the final release. There should be a few more BETAs and a couple months of development before v7.00 is released. The release of v7.00 is scheduled for late June.

I recommend that you simply install v7.00 BETA in addition to any other CSE HTML Validator version/edition that you have already installed. Then you can always revert back if you have a problem. If you have a previous v7.00 BETA installed, then simply install the new v7.00 BETA over your current v7.00 BETA installation.

Here is the revision history for v7.00 BETA:
http://www.htmlvalidator.com/htmlval/be ... ryv70.html

To download v7.00 BETA:
http://www.htmlvalidator.com/htmlval/ph ... rsionin=70

Hint: Load your current version and do an update check (Help->Check for New Program Version). This should open a browser window with your registration number and PIN number already filled out. Just select v7.00 BETA and download.

IMPORTANT! A v7.0x key is required. Your current v6.5x registration key WILL NOT WORK with this BETA release. You can obtain a new key from the web site at
https://www.htmlvalidator.com/htmlval/p ... foform.php

An upgrade may need to be purchased. Please purchase one if necessary to support the program. You'll be able to use all future v7.0x releases.

If you need to upgrade to v7.0x pro, then you can do so here:
https://www.htmlvalidator.com/htmlval/p ... estep1.php

Feedback should be posted to the BETA Discussion forum. Please let me know what you think!

Additional upgrade information:

Those needing to purchase an upgrade before using BETA 4 will find this additional information useful.

The release date for v7.00 professional has been set to June 20, 2005. The standard edition release date is June 27th, 2005. We expect v7.00 to be released on time on those dates. We have programmed our upgrade system to work from these dates. This means that the free upgrade period is calculated based on the expected release dates in June. Professional edition purchases receive one year of free upgrades, so if you purchased or upgraded after June 20th, 2004, then you'll receive a free v7.0x upgrade (applies to pro edition only). If you purchased or upgraded before June 20th, 2004, then an upgrade purchase will be required.

If you need to purchase an upgrade to use v7.0x, then your upgrade date will be recognized by our upgrade system as being made on the respective release date. So if you purchase an upgrade to v7.0x pro, then you're upgrade date will be recorded as June 20, 2005 and you'll receive free upgrades until June 20, 2006.

I hope this clears up any confusion some people may be having.

On a final note, we appreciate the purchasing of upgrades. They help us to continue providing great service and developing new versions! Thank you! :-)
Albert Wiersch

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