CSE HTML Validator Pro v7.00 Final Available

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CSE HTML Validator Pro v7.00 Final Available

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The BETA period has ended! Special thanks to all the BETA testers.

CSE HTML Validator Pro v7.00 Final is now available to licensed v7.0x professional users. The release of the standard edition is scheduled for June 27.

If you have a v7.00 BETA version installed, then simply install v7.00 Final over your current v7.00 BETA installation.

Here is the revision history for v7.00:

Major new features include:

* Improved syntax checking
* Significantly faster validations
* HTML Tidy integration including a new HTML Tidy Tool
* Many interface improvements
* Many other enhancements, bug fixes, and new features

The HTML Tidy Tool can automatically fix certain HTML/XHTML problems, convert HTML to XHTML, and reformat/pretty print HTML/XHTML documents.

To download v7.00 Final:
http://www.htmlvalidator.com/htmlval/ph ... rsionin=70

Hint: Load your current version and do an update check (Help->Check for New Program Version). This should open a browser window with your registration number and PIN number already filled out. Just select v7.00 and download.

IMPORTANT! A v7.0x key is required. V6.5x registration keys WILL NOT WORK with v7.0x releases. You can obtain a new key from the web site at
https://www.htmlvalidator.com/htmlval/p ... foform.php

An upgrade may need to be purchased. Please purchase one if necessary to support the program. You'll be able to use all future v7.0x releases.

If you need to upgrade to v7.0x pro, then you can do so here:
https://www.htmlvalidator.com/htmlval/p ... estep1.php
Albert Wiersch

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