Performance Optimization

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Performance Optimization

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Maybe this is of interest for someone (not only ASP.NET): ... 67EFhPLaF8


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Re: Performance Optimization

Post by RSteinwand »

I rolled out our new responsive site on Sunday:

I'm using this tool to generate the "above the fold" css: ... generator/

I'm loading the rest of my stylesheet, along with scripts via asyncLoader (which seems to still have occasional script errors with IE8 that I need to check into):

I'm using <img srcset to load 3 different image sizes for the home page slider and playing with <picture> to also load webP versions. (Quite the learning curve.)

All my images are optimized via PageSpeed, ySlow or, but still managed to get a sizeable improvement using JPEGmini, saving 300 mb on my slider and photo gallery images. I use sprites for icons, and css3 gradients, falling back to a gradient sprite for IE9 and older using IE classes via html5 boilerplate.

I scored 100 mobile, 100 desktop via PageSpeed insights, but it doesn't see the mobile-sized images (using srcset) so my mobile score drops on the home page and now I only get 99/99, possibly due to my short caching during the initial week.

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