Windows 10 Edge browser bugs and Windows 10

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Re: Windows 10 Edge browser bugs and Windows 10

Post by Albert Wiersch »

MikeGale wrote:
Thu Feb 20, 2020 10:32 pm
I just checked in two versions of Edge. The original and a "Canary Build" of the Chromium version.

I can confirm that it works in both. Those are versions 44... and 82...
Hi Mike,

Thanks for checking!

I found this link that helps explain Edge version numbers: ... rsion/edge

I thought it went by the EdgeHTML version number... but apparently it isn't that simple.

Perhaps I should update all mentions of "Edge" in CSS HTML Validator to EdgeHTML? That would probably me more technically accurate because I've been using EdgeHTML version numbers for the compatibility info.
Albert Wiersch

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Re: Windows 10 Edge browser bugs and Windows 10

Post by MikeGale »

I just converted my Edge (non (development / "canary") version) to the Chromium based version. So I can't testing, in that browser, on the EdgeHTML engine any more.

A bit of a pity. EdgeHTML is still available as a component that I can add to any program, so it has important potential. Anybody here have recent experience using page rendering engines in their own programs?

Now it's harder to track down the exact version of the rendering engine in use. Anyone know how to lookup a Blink version from an Edge (Chromium) version?

I saw this page, ... /ADV200002, but don't know whether it will be kept up to date.

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