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Possible to horizontally center an HTML layer using CSS?

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 10:40 pm
by webmama
Is it possible to set a Style Sheet class to position a layer so it stays aligned with a table or image element within a table cell as browser window expands and collapses?

I have 3 layers on my page at:

In the HTML I have the outer body table centered and I would like my menu layers, as well as the Store Locator layer, to stay aligned with the parent table when the browser window is expanded. The BEE-FIT layer needs to stay on top of the yellow line art to the left of the page and the Aqua-T layer needs to stay aligned with the blue line art to the right. Likewise, I need to keep the ‘Store Locator’ layer aligned just left of the Aqua-T layer. Would one of you CSS gurus please tell me the option I would need to add to keep these layers aligned, or anchored, to the layout table as it moves with the expansion of the browser window. If I could figure out how to anchor them to an image and offset them with margins that would probably work as well. I greatly appreciate any assistance in solving this matter.

Thanks in advance :)