HOW TO: Set Batch Wizard report filename dynamically

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HOW TO: Set Batch Wizard report filename dynamically

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Did you know that the Batch Wizard report filename can be set dynamically using a user function? This is new in 2019/v19.

The report filename can be changed in onFunctionsLoad(). The below example appends a day of the week to the report filename if it contains ".html" or ".xml", so "C:\reports\mywebsite.html" would become something like "C:\reports\mywebsite-Tue.html". If you run daily jobs then this would allow you to always keep the last 7 days of reports.

Code: Select all

function onFunctionsLoad() {
 $day=date('ddd'); // day of week as a three-letter abbreviation
All you need to do is create a text file with the above function in it, and then specify that file as a user functions file for any Batch Wizard target list that you want it to apply to. You can specify user function files in the Target List Options tab in the Batch Wizard.

For more information please visit this documentation page: ... nsload.htm

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