CFML Tags Not Being Ignored

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CFML Tags Not Being Ignored

Post by kennedyrt »

I have Flag 116 unchecked but I'm getting the error "The "cfsilent" element is not allowed here (as a child of the "tr" element). The "tr" element must contain only the following child elements: "td", "th", and script-supporting elements (like "script")." Other CFML tags are being ignored.

It happens in the following portion of this table:
<cfset thisPage = GetFileFromPath(cgi.CF_TEMPLATE_PATH)>
<cfdirectory directory="#GetDirectoryFromPath(GetTemplatePath())#" name="TimeStamp" filter="#GetFileFromPath(GetTemplatePath())#">
<td class="footerCopyNoHover" valign="top">This page was last updated: <cfoutput>#DateFormat(TimeStamp.DateLastModified,"mmmm. d, yyyy")#</cfoutput>
<br />Copyright &copy; <cfoutput>#DateFormat(TimeStamp.DateLastModified,"yyyy")#</cfoutput> XYZ. All rights reserved.</td>

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Albert Wiersch
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Re: CFML Tags Not Being Ignored

Post by Albert Wiersch »

Thanks for the report. I've fixed this for the next update.

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