Bad Index Error

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Bad Index Error

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When validating a HTML file containing 1,721 lines CSE HTML Validator Pro v16.0403 displays the following error in a popup window: "Bad index for token: 3. Valid range: [0,2]. {See Attachment1}" Clicking on the OK button turns the content of the Editor tab black and all text in the popup window disappears {See Attachement2}. I couldn't abort the program in the Task Manager and had to reboot the computer.
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Albert Wiersch
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Re: Bad Index Error

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I'm sorry for the trouble. That's strange... especially since you couldn't terminate the app from Task Manager. That shouldn't happen.

Please send me the document (via email attachment) that causes this problem to support at htmlvalidator dot com and any other steps or information needed to reproduce it. If I can reproduce it then I should be able to find the cause and fix it.

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