Possible False Warning Message

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Possible False Warning Message

Post by kennedyrt »

CSE HTML Validator Professional v16.0403 flags as a warning the Javascript "and" (&&) condition in the following:

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<p>Primary Local Administrator: <input name="adminID" type="text" maxlength="10"  id="adminID"  size="8"  onblur="if( !_CF_hasValue(this, 'TEXT', false) && !_CF_checkrange(this.value,1.0,9.999999999E9, true) || !_CF_checkinteger(this.value, true) ){ _CF_onErrorAlert(new Array('BEMSID must be in the range 1-9999999999')); }" /></p>
[64] "&" is an invalid character reference in the value for the "onblur" attribute. This may be because the '&' character was not escaped as "&". To use a literal ampersand it must be encoded as "&" (even in URLs) because '&' is an escape character in HTML/XHTML.

Is this the correct behavior?

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Albert Wiersch
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Re: Possible False Warning Message

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Yes, that is the correct behavior. Because that JavaScript is in an HTML attribute value, the '&' characters should be specified using the '&' character reference.

Of course most browsers still work with the 'raw' ampersand characters because if a valid character reference isn't provided, the browser just treats it as a '&' character.

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