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Vanishing source area

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 9:35 am
by sbusko
OK folks, try this ... Open the application for full screen; Resize the source
area to somewhere around 3 rows visible; return your window to "normal"
size (unmaximized). Note that the source window "goes away", it's size
doesn't seem to be a constant percentage, but a static size and the
bottom gets "precedence" and the source area is tucked under the menu bar.

My take would be to either make both windows a relative percentage (e.g.
10/90% or 50/50%) or make the top/src window the lock/control and draw
the HTML window with what's left (vs the other way around as it is now).
That way the handle to resize, should never go away. Well, the main
issue is that the handle can be obfuscated ...

Can anyone see what I mean and/or reproduce it?

- Steve

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2005 10:59 am
by Albert Wiersch
Hi Steve,

While I couldn't make the source window disappear, I did find some odd behavior. I will look into it. Hopefully by correcting this it will fix the issue you have reported.