ASCI characters/special characters

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ASCI characters/special characters

Post by Martin »


I am using and old version of CSE (version 6.53 Pro.) so it may not be part of this version but I was wondering why CSE isn't helping me finding the mistakes I made in regards to the special characters like:
ü ä and so on. They are now shown as:

ü - ü
ä - ä

is there an 'easy' way of finding these mistakes and correcting them in CSE 6.53?
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Albert Wiersch
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Re: ASCI characters/special characters

Post by Albert Wiersch »

v6.53 is an old version that doesn't work well with Unicode. I wouldn't recommend it to edit UTF-8 files, which is what I suspect you are doing.

But one thing you may want to try if you have to use 6.53 and want to find these characters, is searching for the string of characters that you are wanting to find (now shown as a multi-character string instead of a single character due to the lack of Unicode support) using the editor's search capability. That's the 'easiest' way I can think of. Making sure the "high ASCII check" is enabled in the Validator Engine Options may help as well.
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