mouse position placement

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mouse position placement

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Css is all about place/size box/text with color in another box . When we design ruler make sense if when the x and y coordinate information projected on the axes with pixel number could be view . at the same time to place an selected xml element ( text always have parent box or span ) , this element must have a snap behaviour to slide /stick to the line to help user place the element refer to a guide ( horizontal or vertical create by the user ) or ruler ( background) or a grid ( 960grid) .

All the custom setting about grid, ruler, guide must be backup in a project file of course !!!

I think the css tool that implement all this functionnalities don't exist, at this time only raster and vector tool support this. I think the only way for a css editor is to override browser with editor functionnalities, only developper that have access to engine code could implement this so the only Dominant monopole engine would be webkit . In a way if we stick to firefox , many source code plug in under BSD 2-Clause License can be use to add enhance already implemented functionnalities instead use them/make them accessible from the editor .

topstyle is not a wysiwyg IDE but perhaps could support create or import custom grid, guide .

regard' s
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