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support mutli value help for css properties

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 9:41 am
by lionelts

When i use box-shadow value , top style show me that i can use Lenght and Colors Values.
After choose Lenght an increment the values in pixel lick tab tab and enter using the keyboard only , topstyle cursor
put the carret of the mouse is outside the ";" so i need to place the cursor before the ";" to enter the second parameter of the box-shadow property ; Ctr Space don't work since i am outside theproperty ( name and value and ";" ) !!!

when one property value is write , topstyle change the value if reedit and place the mouse cursor before the " ; "

I was thinking topstyle alert us that box-shadow contain 3 lenght values but not !!!!

i don't know the name of the contextual helpers Box windows , but i ask myself if box model helper could be exist/select/define before choose a box-shadow !!!