error copy/paste content -save utf,ansi, big endian

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Rank III - Intermediate
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error copy/paste content -save utf,ansi, big endian

Post by lionelts »

I have aan error because before the properties name , topstyle and other css editor see sometging before the properties.
the something are space in the topstyle editor , and are character when using Firefox debug tool for css.

Is there a way after copy paste external css source code in topstyle that topstyle take care of the format. IT is not because
we say to save the file and the content to utf8 and big indian ANSI that the content file is utf8 and big indian .

In webmatrix , the editor valid CSS in realtime , and higlight in red the number of blank space where error occur .
If in webmatrix i press return back key and after add space key , the underline red error disseppear in webmatrix and during verification/validation topsttyle don't show the line error, so all is nice and no caracter appear before the attribut name in firefox debug tool .

Could topstyle instead show the error could give us a way to resolve the problem ?
I think thay frontpage could be the origin of the error since it could save the css file in a wrong format ?
it strange that even in windows 8 64 bit such error appear and are not manage in by the OS level !!

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