preview using tab or CSS only

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preview using tab or CSS only

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I test a web site where background is only behind custom elment . I dont see for element that contain an url to image the images in the preview CSS only . And in the Preview tab i see behind some element the background but in the real site those elements ll never have background image !! See the content of a image in the CSS preview is more easy than clik on ech image to launc^h a raster editor .

The background color or image is someting to take in account to understand the properties define in each selector ;
A transparency background for PReview CSS only could be better even the view with the html code is the best .

When i collapse selector , the preview CSS only work only if the cursor is inside / after the first bracket since the content inside bracket is not visible . It ll be nice that the user don't have to focus on the position of the mouse in the line . I have to place the mouse cursor in the right side of the first bracket ; it is not gui friendly . after test again i undrstand that the behaviour don't exsit if we use cursor using the keyboard , when we move the cursor with it the preview CSS only work even if the cursor ( move by arrow key) is in the right or left position of the first bracket of the selector .
The mouse should make appear the rendering selector css even if the mouse cursor is on the left of the cursor !!

Topstyle really shine shine when use static html page .

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