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Addition of colour schemes choices for the editor

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 8:04 pm
by gwmbox
One of the nice things about Topstyle is the ability to manage/change the colours used in the code you are viewing, this helps to quickly locate different aspects of your code.

However Webuilder has the option to choose from an existing set of colour schemes and to also enable you to modify and save your own colour schemes to use whenever you want to. Topstyle only has the one option so if you want to change the colours for any code it has to be done manually and then applied, there is no way to save or load a colour coding scheme.

What I have done to get around this is save a copy of my User Schemes > Color folder before any changes, then placed them in a location that I can copy if I ever want to go back to another colour coded style.

It would be a nice addition to see a future version have the option to load existing and save other colour schemes.

This is all assuming Topstyle is still being developed???