Preview encoding issue

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Preview encoding issue

Post by JosB »

First off I would like to say i'm verry glad to see Topstyle is improving, keep up the good work!

Now for the more nasty stuff, I might have found 2 bugs.
1 bug i am able to reproduce all the time is the preview encoding bug.

The preview encoding bug:

1 - Enable mappings (local or remote server).
2 - Create a new PHP document, save it as UTF-8 (without BOM).
3 - In the preview document (_ts4tmp.php) with PHP, try sending a header before any output.

The preview will tell you headers already got sent by.
In the actual document you are able to send headers, but not in the preview.

If you save the document as ANSI you are able to send headers in the preview file.
Is there any way I can send headers with UTF-8 encoding in the preview document?

The cut and undo/redo bug:

Sometimes when you cut (CTRL+x) a selection, some future or past undo/redo actions might get lost,
resuling in misteriously disappearing text.
I'm not able to give an exact example yet, but i will try to reproduce it asap.

My envoirment specs:
- Win XP SP3.
- Local and remote Xampp server, also Win XP SP3.

I'm hoping more people are able to reproduce these bugs and hopefully they will get fixed in a future version.

Best wishes,
Jos Bouma
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