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Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 5:56 pm
by roedygr
Having the 1 day limit on the batch validator has made the Validator at least 3 times as useful.

Now I can with a couple of clicks check my entire site rapidly prior to any upload. It has greatly improved the quality of the site. Errors simply never get posted.

Before, checking the entire site meant running about 10 scripts one after the other, and waiting and waiting.

I know I am the one who asked for this, but is even better in practice than I imagined it would be.

Thanks very much. :D

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:21 pm
by Albert Wiersch
Great! Thanks again for the suggestion. I'm really happy it is so useful to you.

I hope others will find it as useful (but they'll need to know that the feature is there). :)

For those who want to know what feature we're talking about, it's a new feature (suggested by the OP) in v9.0 that lets you specify a maximum document age when checking a folder target in the Batch Wizard. By specifying a maximum age, the processing can be limited to only the newest/latest changed documents.