search w Batch Wizard for pages w or w/o codes

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search w Batch Wizard for pages w or w/o codes

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Using the Batch Wizard, you can search for web pages that either have or don't have specific tags or content:

1. Run the top-notch editor: UltraEdit

2. Click on Search, Find in Files

3. Click on the Advanced button if you want to search for files that DO NOT have the tag specified by the search term and check the box saying "Match Files if string is not found"

4. Enter the search terms

5. Run the search.

A list of files appears in the Output Window.

6. Right-click in the Output Window and select Copy to Clipboard

7. Go to the Editor (top) window and right-click and choose Paste.

8. Now you have the list of files that met your criteria.

9. Click on the top menu item Column and click on Column Mode.

10. In the same menu Column, click on Insert/Fill Columns.

11. In the new window, type in "File: " (That's the word File followed by a colon and a space) and click OK

12. Save the file with a meaningful name and then load it into CSE HTML Validator's Batch Wizard.

13. Click OK and then click on the Process button.

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Re: search w Batch Wizard for pages w or w/o codes

Post by Albert Wiersch »

Thanks for the tip! This takes advantage of one of the "old" Batch Wizard file formats ("The Oldest and Simplest"): ... ormats.htm
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