Validator - link caching / template checking

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John Salter
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Validator - link caching / template checking

Post by John Salter »

How does the linkchecker work?
Does it cache links across pages to make checking faster?

I'm validating a website created in Dreamweaver, that makes extensive use of the DW template.
The site is large (000's of pages), and I would like to be able to validate only the links in the editable regions of the DW template. (and validate the template once.)

If the validator caches links across pages, this isn't an issue, but if it doesn't it would be nice to be able to specify opening/closing tags to check within.
<!-- #BeginEditable "Content" -->
<!-- #EndEditable -->

Is this possible in the current edition?
If not, could it be an enhancement request?

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Albert Wiersch
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Post by Albert Wiersch »

Hello John,

The link checker has a "link cache" so that if it checks, then it remembers the result so it doesn't have to check it again if it encounters the link again and it has already been checked and is in the link cache.

Perhaps you can use the <cseignore>...</cseignore> tags to enclose the part of the document (the template) that you do not want to check. CSE HTML Validator should ignore anything within a "cseignore" tag. This is useful for excluding markup that someone else provided that generates errors and warnings and that you don't want to change/fix (and for any other reason you don't want certain markup checked).

Hope this helps!
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