HOW TO: Check your sitemap links

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HOW TO: Check your sitemap links

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Does your website have a sitemap?

You can check the links in your sitemap by opening the sitemap file in CSS HTML Validator Home or higher edition. Then, temporarily add the following line at the very top of the sitemap to tell CSS HTML Validator to try to find all the links in the document no matter where they are:

Code: Select all

Then press F6 to validate the document and extract the links. Go to the Links tab in the Results Window and check the links if they aren't checked automatically.

Fix any broken links and any permanently redirected links. Remember to remove the line you added at the top when finished.

Note that you can do this with any text-based file, just by adding the special CHVJOBTYPELINKCHECKTEXTRANDOM line above.

For more information see the "Checking HTTP Links in any Text Document" section on this page: ... TEXTRANDOM
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