Mobile html coding

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Mark Derrick
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Mobile html coding

Post by Mark Derrick »

Does CSE HTML Validator have any plans to
provide support for html (xhtml) to support
mobile devices.

Form w3c coding standards and more see

We are in process of developing .mobi website
and find that CSE HTML validator does not
have much in the way of support (doesn't
even support the doc type and does not flag
some of the common coding violations.

-- Mark
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Albert Wiersch
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Post by Albert Wiersch »

Hi Mark,

I'm sorry for the delay. My wife and I just had our first child and there were some complications. Fortunately we are OK now and I'm working to catch up from a few missed days.

I don't have any current plans to support mobile devices, but that is something that may fit in well with CSE HTML Validator's primary purpose.

I haven't done much research on this, but depending on what the changes are, they could possibly be added. If you could give me specific information on the things you'd like to see CSE HTML Validator support to help with development for mobile devices, then I'd be glad to consider adding it. Just provide me with some sample HTML (like coding violations) and the messages you'd like to see CSE HTML Validator generate.

Depending on what's involved, it is possible some of it could make it into a v8.0x update next year. If not, then I could consider adding better mobile support in the next major release.
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