CSS HTML Validator 2021 (v21.00) Now Available

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CSS HTML Validator 2021 (v21.00) Now Available

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Can you believe it's already 2021? It's hard for us, especially because the first version of CSS HTML Validator was released back in 1997!

Hint: Log in to the forum and click the 'Subscribe topic' link for updates.

CSS HTML Validator Home/Pro/Enterprise 2021 (v21.00) is now available to all customers that have a valid 2021/v21 license.

IMPORTANT: The new 2021 release continues to be native 64-bit and requires a 64-bit OS. If you're still using a 32-bit OS then please let us know. We may be able to send you an unofficial 32-bit build.

If you have a previous 2021/v21 version installed (including 2021 BETAs), then simply install the new 2021 RELEASE version over your current 2021 installation to update it. All minor updates (like v21.00 to v21.01 and v21.01 to v21.04) should also be done in this manner.

If you have a version prior to 2021 (like 2020/v20, 2019/v19, or 2018/v18, or v17) then we recommend that you uninstall it first and then install 2021. The 2021 setup program should ask you if you first want to uninstall your old version and we recommend that you say 'yes' to uninstall the old version. However, if you have a reason to keep the prior version on your machine then you can do so and both versions should work (they will share some, but not all settings).

NOTE: When uninstalling a previous version, do not do a "full uninstall" when asked unless you want to start fresh and lose all your options and settings. If you choose not to do a "full uninstall" then many options and settings will be kept from your previous version and used in 2021/v21.

Buy Upgrade / What's New in CSS HTML Validator

Hint: Load your current version and do an update check (Help->Check for New Program Version or Help->Check for Updates). This should open a browser window with your registration number and PIN number already filled out. Just select v21.0xxx and download.

IMPORTANT! A 2021 license key is required. Older 2020/v20 keys WILL NOT WORK with 2021/v21. Get your CSS HTML Validator 2021 license key here.


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