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3 RFEs: Projects, Replace Files in Folder, File Tab Sort

Posted: Wed May 13, 2009 2:25 pm
by sfordin
I've been a CSE Pro user for years, and have stayed on the upgrade path because I've always been impressed with the usefulness, quality, speed, and stability of the program.

That said, having just upgraded today to CSE Pro 9.02 from 8.x, I have three requests for enhancement:

1. Projects -- Make it possible to group files into "projects," such that a group of files from one or several directories could be opened and saved in one go. UltraEdit provides an example of what I'm thinking about here.

2. Replace Files in Folder -- Similar to the "Replace in All Open Files" currently available in CSE, a "Replace Files in Folder" option would make it possible to do a site-wide search-and-replace without first having to actually open up all the files in the site. This would be really useful for times when CSE finds an error, and you realize that error is site-wide.

3. File Tab Sort -- When you have a lot of files open, it would be useful to be able to sort the file name tabs alphabetically as an alternative to displaying the tabs in the order in which the files were opened. Arranging the file name tabs makes sense when you have just a few files open, but it gets really difficult to navigate from file to file the more files you have open.

I realize you don't want to -- and should not -- dilute the primary purpose of CSE as a validation tool, but you already have so many great code editing features, and I don't think these enhancements would take you too far afield.

Anyway, thanks again for years of an excellent program!