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Sure you want more traffic to your site?

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 4:51 pm
by Arnvid
This article by Ammon Johns put the finger on an often forgotten part of SEO-work: do you really need traffic, or do you need ROI (return of investment)?

Ammon is one of the legends in the SEO-world, and as I'm happy that Albert Wiersch and this forum got a right attitude towards SEO, I want to share this article here: ... -you-sure/

As I know Ammon from the Cre8asite forum that's now closed, I would at the same time share this discussion he gave me link to yesterday. Here Google+ is discussed. In SEO terms, Google+ got some advantages that's not always obvious. Here is the discussion that got the title: "Ghost Town or Land of Opportunity - Google+" ... m1vbdi0o8g