Topstyle and Windows 10

TopStyle has been discontinued and support is no longer available. The forum is read-only. NOTE: TopStyle was not developed by the makers of CSS HTML Validator for Windows.
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Topstyle and Windows 10

Post by TomTom »

Good Morning,

is it possible that Topstyle5 doesn't run too well on Win10?

I updated my PC and since then Topstyle won't open any longer files via network on a NAS, neither by "open file" nor by the connection via extension and doubleclick or "open with".

In Topstyle's "open file" dialogue the network isn't traceable, just the local machine, even if I run the software as an administrator.

With local files on the same machine everything's fine ... Other "apps" are able to read and write files on the NAS.

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Re: Topstyle and Windows 10

Post by gwmbox »

I have been running without any issues on Windows 10 for several months :)

I can edit photos both locally and on our NAS box (Windows) as well. Our NAS drives are used as mapped drives if that helps.

I'd suggest an uninstall and reinstall
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