TopStyle Support and Development has Ended

TopStyle has been discontinued and support is no longer available. The forum is read-only. NOTE: TopStyle was not developed by the makers of CSS HTML Validator for Windows.
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Re: TopStyle Support and Development Ending

Post by ramji »

TopStyle Support wrote:TopStyle is available! Please download the latest TopStyle hot-fix here:
This is very bad news!

I expect to buy TopStyle 6. But TopStyle 5x not bad, Almost everything is there. I am using TopStyle past 4 years. My first preference TopStyle, next Visual Studio 2013.

I can't say Good Bye to TopStyle.

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Re: TopStyle Support and Development Ending

Post by LadynRed »

That's really a shame, I have used and loved this program since I bought it at Version 2! IMHO, it has been by far the best editor out there. I will continue to use TS for as long as it will run on my system!

Just a note, apparently the instructions for installing the 108 hotfix has some issues on Windows 10.