Adjust the version of the browser

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Adjust the version of the browser

Post by Justininguez »

Is there a setting I can use to choose the version of Internet Explorer to use, or which compatibility mode to run in, CSS HTML Validator? To illustrate, what if we set up the internal browser to operate as Internet Explorer 9 (OMG) and record issues at that level? Then we could do the same thing for Internet Explorer 10, 11, and Edge, recording anything new that happens at those levels? That doesn't make sense. :?:

Can it also work with other browsers?
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Re: Adjust the version of the browser

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Sorry, there is no setting in CSS HTML Validator to do that. Also, versions 2022 and later do not use the Internet Explorer engine anymore for the internal browser.

You can configure the User inserter to open documents in different programs (or browsers). Please see this link and the examples at the bottom of the page for more information on how to do that: ... figure.htm

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions.
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