Google AdWords Management Service Recommendation

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Google AdWords Management Service Recommendation

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If you are wanting to pay someone to manage your Google AdWords account, then I recommend Dave Collins with SharewarePromotions:
Dave Collins has been working with Google AdWords since 2001. He became an AdWords Qualified Professional in 2005, then requalified in 2007. Aaron Weiner qualified as an AdWords Professional in 2007. SharewarePromotions is now a certified AdWords Qualified Company.

The Google AdWords Management Service is our most in-depth Google AdWords service. It includes the following:

* keyword research and optimisation
* creation and expansion of ads
* pruning of low performance keywords and ads
* professional account management
* structured campaign management
* optimisation and expansion of ad groups
* budget management
* ad tracking
* improvement of Quality Score
* and much more.

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