Ability To Use ANY Font In Editor

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Ability To Use ANY Font In Editor

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Hi Stefan,

I am very sorry to bother you with this, but I wrote back in June, on the newsgroups, that:

"Perhaps on other people's computers these fonts are great, but I am running TS on an old laptop. In TS3.5, I can choose any font installed on the machine and am able therefore to find a font that looks really good--"usable"--on *my* machine.

The fonts you mention (Courier New, Consolas, Monaco, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono) are hard on my middle-aged eyes on *my* laptop, and on *my* laptop are jagged. On this same laptop, I can choose a font in the previous version of TS--Verdana--which is smooth as silk...that makes my work so much easier. Also, because I am also doing work in several other programs (in which I *am* able to choose a font of my choice that looks good on *my* computer), it is unfortunate to either (1) constantly adjust my eyes between different font settings in different programs or (2) be forced to change font settings in the other programs to those you mention which are so much worse on my eyes, in order to match the limited font choices in TS4.

I hope this explanation helps you to understand where I am coming from...the ability to choose any font on your system definitely helps to make each person's experience the best it can be."

SO...just wondering whether you still plan on restoring to TopStyle the functionality it had in 3.5 and, if you do plan on restoring it, when that might be?

I am in awe of the tremendous amount of work that you have put into TS4, knowing that you are a one-man shop. I really just ask again, since til now I still have to use 3.5 due to the font limitations of this new version. I must admit too that it is a little disconcerting to be excited about buying an upgrade, wanting so much to use it, and then not being able to use it due to something as basic as the ability to customize its UI in a way it had formerly had (which made it possible for me to use).

Please do not take offense...truly I do want to use the greatly-enhanced capabilities of your new version (and that is a compliment).

If you are not able to include this fix in a ver. 4 update, might you have any timeline you could share about when this functionality might be restored?

Many thanks,

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Re: Ability To Use ANY Font In Editor

Post by TopStyle Support »

Currently, TopStyle 4 supports fixed-pitch fonts only. Luckily, there are some great fixed-pitch fonts out there, such as Consolas or Apple's Monaco. I'm sure you can find a fixed-pitch font that will suit your needs. Future versions might (or might not) support proportional fonts.

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Re: Ability To Use ANY Font In Editor

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