Disabling messages

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Disabling messages

Post by RSteinwand »

Hi Albert,

There are times I want to disable certain messages like this one:

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#navigation a:focus{color:#fff;background:#081F55;border:2px solid #506DA2;margin-top:0;margin-bottom:-6px;border-radius:5px}
Note that the "border" shorthand property resets all border properties, including "border-image", to its initial value. Therefore, use the "border" shorthand, rather than other shorthands or the individual properties, to override any border settings earlier in the cascade. This will ensure that "border-image" has also been reset to allow the new styles to take effect. This message is displayed only once.
... but I'm not sure if I should use "disable using message id". The "quick help" on that section wasn't specific enough to help me with this.

I'm under the impression (maybe I'm wrong) that certain message id's could affect many similar messages, like one for empty fields or another for CSS3 features that not all browsers support.

If that's the case, could we have a feature like, "see all messages that will be affected"?

Since I'm not sure if disabling using message id will affect other messages, if the message doesn't contain text from the page, I'll usually use "exact text match", but if I'm not careful, I might have to do that several times until I catch my mistake.

Is disabling by message ID more efficient (faster)?

Thanks. As always a great product with excellent support. :D

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Albert Wiersch
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Re: Disabling messages

Post by Albert Wiersch »

Hi Rick,

The option that generally blocks the least number of messages is blocking by 'exact text match', because the exact message text must match.

Blocking my message ID may block a few more, but it's usually because there's a slight text change in basically the same message, like the name of an attribute or some small change like that. For messages that don't have slight text changes, you should get the same 'effect' by blocking via Message ID or by 'exact text match'. I think blocking by message ID may be faster, but I haven't profiled it. In any case, I doubt any speed differences would be significant.

An option to show exactly what messages are affected is certainly a good idea, but would be time consuming for me to implement at this point, and probably not all that useful if you understand the above.

Blocking by flag (using the number in the square brackets in some (but not all) of the validator messages) may block different messages but related to the same 'topic', so this allows for the most message variance. There is a list of these messages in the documentation:
http://www.htmlvalidator.com/htmlval/v1 ... ptions.htm

In the message you refer to, 'exact text match' or by 'message ID' should give you the same result, with perhaps 'message ID' being slightly faster.

I hope this helps. I'm glad you like the product and support. :D

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