TopStyle 5 freezes during start

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TopStyle 5 freezes during start

Post by TomTom »

Hi there,

since today, TopStyle 5 (Win7) changed into a very annoying "start and immedeately freeze-mode". It isn't possible to do anything, neither resetting the software, nor changing the preview browser (actions helped on previous problems). I re-startet, re-installed, including some work on the registry.

Any idea/suggestions what to do next?

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Re: TopStyle 5 freezes during start

Post by tconlon3 »

Topstyle 5 has become unworkable for me too. It has always had severe problems crashing, but I have put up with it. I love the features and capability – really well done – but the continuous crashing is just making the product useless. I am a legal owner. I have loaded topstyle5 on several computers I have had through the years running windows 7 and windows 8.1. The crashing problem just continues to get worse.

Now it won’t run at all.

I have uninstalled it.

Run windows registry cleaner

Restarted my computer

Re-installed your latest version, downloaded from your site and making sure no other copies existed first, added my License Key - also tried it unregistered - crashing is the same.

I have no idea which version it is as the program crashes before I can even check. The error is always the same - "Not Responding"

Nothing works. One click on anything on the top style screen and the program locks up solid.

I cant even imagine how I could do anything to make it run any better as it locks up solid on the very first click of anything, so how could I change anything or do anything any differently? Everything else on my computer runs just fine.

Is this it for Top style? Am I wasting my time trying to get this thing to run again?

Tom Conlon
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Albert Wiersch
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Re: TopStyle 5 freezes during start

Post by Albert Wiersch »

Hello Tom,

I support CSE HTML Validator (not TopStyle) but it similar issues with CSE HTML Validator (like not starting) have been caused by ant-malware programs. Here is a list of programs that have been known to cause problems:
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