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Installing the Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

Note: The WebView2 / WebView Runtime is required only if you want to use the optional integrated browser views in CSS HTML Validator 2022/v22.

In order for the optional integrated web browser views to work in CSS HTML Validator 2022/v22, the Microsoft Edge WebView2 / WebView Runtime is required. This is normally included as part of the Windows 11 operating system but other Windows users (like those using Windows 10) may need to download and install the WebView2 Runtime if it isn't already installed.

Please download the Microsoft WebView2 Runtime installer and then run it. The installer will then download and install the appropriate files for the WebView2 Runtime for your operating system.

Download WebView2 Runtime Installer

After installation, please restart CSS HTML Validator and then try using an integrated browser view. If it still doesn't work then please contact us for support.


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