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Get CSS HTML Validator Home for Only $39

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If you're a student, educator, non-profit organization, or educational institution, then you may qualify to buy CSS HTML Validator Home at a significant discount.

Note that the discount is not available if you're going to use CSS HTML Validator Home for any for-profit business or for any government use.

Discount Pricing for the Home Edition
(price per license in USD)
Number of Licenses Discounted
Single License $39 $69 Save $30
Two to Nine Licenses $39 $69 $30 per license
Ten to Nineteen Licenses $39 $59 $20 per license*
Twenty or More Licenses $29 $49 $20 per license*
School/district Licenses Ask Ask Ask

*Savings are in addition to the volume discount.

NOTE: When buying, you will have the option to upgrade to the professional edition for an additional $60.

NOTE: CSS HTML Validator Home includes 90 days of upgrade protection. The above prices are for qualified buyers only. They are not for business or government use.

If you do not qualify for the above prices, then please buy here.

Site licenses (including school and district) are also available.

Make CSS HTML Validator available in your campus bookstore with certificates.

Qualifying to Buy at the Above Prices

To apply for the above discount, please email us proof of your qualifying status as a student, educator, non-profit organization, or educational institution (see below). If approved then you will receive a reply with instructions on how to buy CSS HTML Validator at the discounted price.

Problem with Your Order?

For buying questions, problems encountered while trying to buy, or any other question, please contact us.