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"What an excellent program. I'll highly recommend that my students purchase their own copies for use on their laptops as well. Thanks!"
- Bob Bagwell, Computer Science Department, Rogue Community College

"I teach a web design class and this is now one of the tools that I recommend that my students download. Since introducing this to my classes I have seen an increase in the quality of code that is being written by the students."
- Mr Justin Davis, CSS HTML Validator User

"I have never had even one second of formal training. I taught myself while using your software. Your software is my most valuable tool!"
- Glenn Martin, CSS HTML Validator Pro User

"When I was in school and using HTML, your product was more than worth the price."
- Paula Meunier, CSS HTML Validator User

"I have learned more about HTML 4.0 from your program than all the books out there, and I have become more of a detailed thinker."
- Stephen Mayne, CSS HTML Validator User

"CSE HTML Validator is a very impressive product indeed. As a lecturer specializing in teaching Web design - including html and accessibility guidelines, this product is saving me hours in time assessing student web site projects. It even located some errors that I had missed in my own course materials (and no other validator had found) things like a hidden space character before a name in a mailto link - amazing. And to be able to check an entire site for html, CSS, accessibility compliance, spelling, links and structure in one pass is awe inspiring."
- Dr. Denise Wood, Senior Lecturer and Program Director (multimedia studies) & Magill Campus Director for MBIA and MBIC programs

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Use CSS HTML Validator in the Classroom!

CSS HTML Validator is an excellent educational software tool that helps any web development student learn HTML, CSS, XHTML, PHP, SEO, accessibility, and more.

Internet access is not required! This is important for computers (like those in some classrooms) that are not connected to the Internet due to privacy and security concerns.

CSS HTML Validator is also great for adult and professional education. Individuals learning languages, such as PHP and ASP, that generate dynamic HTML pages will also benefit.

To promote education, we're offering CSS HTML Validator Home for educational use in classrooms and computer labs for only US $30 per license with a minimum of 10 licenses.

It's Like Every Student Having Their Own Personal Tutor!

With CSS HTML Validator on every computer in the classroom, students will spend more time learning on their own and less time asking the instructor questions.

It's like each student having their own experienced personal tutor! CSS HTML Validator will even catch many issues that a human tutor could easily miss.

More Information

There is an order minimum of 10 licenses ($300). Be sure to include an email address to send the licenses to.

We can supply an order link to order the licenses over the Internet with a credit card. If a purchase order is required then we recommend contacting Linda Mikulas at W.E. FALK BOOKS, INC..

For more information about how to order or any other question you may have, please contact us. Include the type of classroom that HTML Validator is to be used in and how many licenses you are interested in.

Classroom/computer lab license upgrades for new major releases are only $20 per license.